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Use of Antibiotics in Dentistry

When dentists use antibiotics? What type of antibiotics dentists use? What are the indication to use antibiotics in dentistry? According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention more than 2 million people in the US are hospitalized and more than 23,000 die each year from superinfections caused by antibiotic resistant...

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Sports Injuries in Youth

Youth are physiologically more prone to injuries than adults, due to the fact that children have growth plates. What exactly are growth plates? Growth plates are the soft cartilage near the ends of long bones in the arms and legs.

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Mouth Guards in Sports

Types of Mouth Guards There are three basic types of mouth guards available. 1. Stock Mouth guard 2. Boil-and-Bite 3. Custom Made Mouth Guards

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Fabrication of Sport Guards

How dentists make custom sports guards?  Steps in fabrication of custom made mouthguard (sport guard) Step 1: Impression Taking. It is recommended that dentists produce casts from accurate maxillary and mandibular alginate impressions and a centric occlusion registration at approximately 5-mm opening anteriorly....

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Endodontic Specialist

When your general dentist makes a diagnosis that your tooth needs a root canal treatment, there are many factors to consider if a referral to an endodontist should be made. If a referral is needed and the patient is in extreme pain, often times a procedure known as “open and med” may be performed by the general dentist.

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