Our Team

Dr. Zak Dental Care is now serving the San Diego community

Dr. Zak Dental Care is made up of experienced and compassionate dental staff that works together to provide patients of all ages the most comprehensive and effective dental treatments available.


Our Dental Staff

Our San Diego office understands that one treatment does not fit all. The team of doctors and well-trained administrative staff facilitate a hygienic, warm and stress-free environment. Our highly accredited and experienced dentists are committed to providing a personalized dental care treatment via modern and efficient equipment.

Dr_Ilya_ZakDr. Ilya Zak

Dr. Ilya Zak was one of the eight students in the prestigious ADAPT 6-year undergraduate and graduate dental education program at USC Dental School. Dr. Zak went on to further his skills at White Memorial Hospital where he became a resident in the TMJ/Pain Management program and a qualified medical examiner for TMJ dysfunction. Additionally, he was a part-time professor at his alma mater, USC Dental School.
Dr. Zak has been practicing what he does best in Simi Valley, Valencia, Agoura Hills, Downey, San Diego and Long Beach since 1994.

KatnikDr. Richard D. Katnik, DDS

Dr. Richard Katnik attended Ohio State University, graduating in 1969. At a very young age his dream was to become a dentist and that is how he pursued his career. Having 48 years of dental experience, his passion is to take care of people’s dental problems and deliver great smiles. One fun fact about him is that in his spare time he writes screenplays for movies.

Dr.Olson.jpgDr. William Olson, DDS

Dr. William Olson attended Loma Linda University, graduating in 1987. His entire family is in the medical field which was what made him become a dentist. His passion is doing cosmetic work and seeing his patients smile after the work is done. It brings him a huge satisfaction when he helps patients reach their ultimate goal when it comes to their smile. One fun fact about him is that he likes to go hiking, skiing and loves dogs.

GonzalezDr. David Gonzalez, DDS

Dr. David Gonzalez attended Marquette University School of Dentistry, graduating in 1990. His passion is to help people feel good about their smiles and to help them overcome their fear of the dentist. He loves to make his patient’s experience as painless as possible. He became a dentist here in San Diego after visiting and loving the weather, the scenery, the food and the people. One fun fact about him is that he loves to restore Japanese cars to place them in shows and he loves horses and dogs.

PaulDr. Paul

Dr. Paul is a graduate of USC Dental School. He has been working in the field for more than 15 years. Dr. Paul has been treatment planning and treating more than 50000 patients. Dr. Paul has been a managing dentist for many years and has worked together with all dental specialists to improve patients oral health. He is a former backgammon champion and enjoys being active.

Dr. Yamil Reeves, DDS

Dr. Yamil Reeves attended UPR Medical Sciences Campus school of Dentistry, graduating in 2014. Prior to becoming a dentist he was a hygienist for 10 years which was what motivated him to further his studies and become a Dentist. His passion is to help patients not feel pain and get them treated to give them healthy smiles. One fun fact about him is that he loves to play baseball on the weekends as well as spend time with his wife and children. He loves dancing and traveling with his family to see new places.