Benefits of Metal Free Dentistry

In the past, dentists have used composite metal forms in fillings and crowns; however, research has shown that the use of mercury and other metals can cause serious health problems. Mercury is toxic, and can lead to oxidative stress and nephrotoxicity, among other health problems.

The use of mercury in dentistry has caused much controversy. Along with its toxic properties, metal fillings are highly unstable. The metals are affected by changes in temperature, and thus can affect the structure and integrity of the tooth. A weakened tooth structure can lead to bacterial infection and decay. Additionally, amalgam fillings require substantial tooth structure removal, which can cause fractures and chipping.

Metal-free dentistry is becoming a more viable and versatile option. This type of dentistry uses composite fillings of resin made from glass or plastic. This structure is tooth colored, safer, and more beneficial to the patient’s health.

Compared to metal fillings, composite fillings are stronger and more durable. They can be used to repair tooth issues such as chipping, breaking, and wear and tear. The resin acts as an adhesive to keep the tooth intact, and does not require as much healthy tooth structure removal as amalgam fillings.

Resin fillings also cost less, take less time to fit into the patient’s teeth, do not discolor teeth, and do not cause gum disease. Overall, composite fillings keep the tooth intact in an aesthetically pleasing and healthy fashion. Say no to toxic metal!

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