Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease Treatment

When gum disease is not treated, it may lead to tooth loss. A few common symptoms of periodontal disease include bleeding gums, bad breath, and many missed dental appointments. If you experience these symptoms, you may be in need of a quick and effective treatment to eliminate the bacteria causing this disease. This is a serious infectious, inflammatory, and contagious disease that can be manifested in various ways. Without treatment, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream via the gums and affect other bodily organs. Watch the video below about the proposed link between cardiovascular and periodontal diseases. We can create a personalized treatment plan to eliminate the infection and keep the bacteria from reinfecting the area.

Treatment depends on the severity of the disease, but the following are all possible procedures.

1.  Scaling and root planning, which involves the elimination of tartar and plaque below the gum.


2. Laser and antibiotic treatment to detoxify root surfaces where the disease is most present.

3. Flushing out pockets to ensure that the gums can healthily reattach to root surfaces.

4. Periodontal Maintenance.

5. Proper dental care, brushing and flossing, instruction.

We are committed to target and treat your dental health issues to lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, or coronary artery disease.

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