Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental Implants

Dental implants, rather than false teeth, are a great solution for missing teeth. Small titanium posts are placed into the jawbone and bound to the bone to create a foundation for artificial teeth. This process creates a more natural appearance and functioning replacement for missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth is not solely a cosmetic concern. Bone deterioration can occur when teeth are not promptly replaced. Achieve the confidence of a full, healthy smile with dental implants!

Implant Overdenture

To achieve a full denture without a bulky restoration, implant overdentures can be connected to dental implants to secure a full denture through the creation of a stable connection. Complete dentures can often decay quickly and become unstable, however, implant overdentures do not possess these traits.

Removable Partial Denture

Dentures are a great option for patients missing some or all teeth. A removable partial denture is the most effective temporary and economical tooth replacement. The structure ranges from an elaborate system with clasps to a basic plastic piece with a clip. To be used, grooves and planes may have to be grounded into the surface of your natural teeth to create a foundation for the appliance to stay in place. The appliance is very comfortable, but an adjustment period is expected, as any foreign object will initially feel unnatural. A removable partial denture requires careful and routine care. It must be removed and cleaned after eating or decay will occur in the attachment places. Due to these disadvantages, removable partial dentures are not recommended as a permanent treatment.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges are permanent and are able to solve many seemingly irreparable dental problems. They are made of three or more porcelain or porcelain fused on gold crowns that are connected to fill the gap where teeth once were.

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