Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

If you experience toothache that becomes more sensitive at night, sensitivity to hot and/or cold, or discoloration, you might have nerve damage inside your tooth. This damage may occur if the pulp inside the pulp chamber becomes infected with bacteria, which can easily happen due to the area’s isolation from the body’s defense mechanisms. As your body attempts to get rid of the infection caused by the bacteria residing inside of the tooth, the bacteria might overwhelm the immune system and in turn cause painful swelling, abscess, jawbone destruction, airway constriction, or sinus infection, along with other harmful symptoms.

This dangerous condition is treated with a root canal procedure, which includes two parts. First, the bacteria, nerve tissue, and toxins must be removed from the pulp chamber, and the area must be cleaned out.  Next, the tooth must be filled and sealed to prevent reinfection.

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